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Doctor Home Visit

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24/7 Consultation

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Covid-19 One Off Home Visit

RM 600

NADI Doctors provide treatment & prescription to you & your family in a one-off visit to your home
  • FREE Initial Video Call Consultation (15 mins)
  • One-Off Home Visit
  • Medications & Premium Supplements
  • RTK Test (upgrade to PCR for RM 100)

Optional Add Ons

  • RTK Test - RM 100
  • PCR Test - RM 200
  • Extra Set of Medications - RM 50
  • Video Call Consultation (15 mins) - RM 50

Covid-19 Premium Home Visit

RM 1699

NADI Doctors provide treatment & prescription to you & your family in a one-off visit to your home followed by 24/7 Doctor Chatbox Support for 2 weeks until recovery.
  • FREE Initial Video Call Consultation (15 mins)
  • Doctor Home Visit
  • Doctor Chatbox Support for 2 Weeks
  • RTK (4 Tests) or PCR (2 Tests)
  • Medications & Premium Supplements

Optional Add Ons

  • RTK Test - RM 100
  • PCR Test - RM 200
  • Extra Set of Medications - RM 50
  • Video Call Consultation (15 mins) - RM 50
  • Additional Home Visit - RM 400/visit

Non Covid-19 Medical Home Visit

RM 600

NADI Doctors provide general medical consultation & treatment to you in a one-off home visit.
  • FREE Initial Video Call Consultation (15 mins)
  • One-off Doctor Home Visit
  • Doctor Chatbox Support for 1 week
  • Medications & Premium Supplements


  • Chronic Illness Medication
  • Illness investigation & Lab Tests

Company or Group Covid-19 Swab Tests


Conduct swab tests for groups of 10 or more in your company or office premises.
  • RTK Tests (from RM 100/pax)
  • PCR Tests (from RM 200/pax)

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Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Is NADI a registered company in Malaysia

    Yes, we are a registered entity in Malaysia.

  • Who are NADI Doctors?

    All NADI doctors are MMC registered in Malaysia, and have extensive professional experience.

  • How experienced are NADI doctors?

    All NADI doctors have at least 10 years of experience and have undergone rigorous training processes to uphold the highest standards of medical service quality.

  • What is a doctor home visit?

    There are two types of home visits, the covid and the non-covid ones. For those who have Covid-19 symptoms or are diagnosed with Covid-19, our doctors will conduct a home-based assessment, follow-ups by video call telehealth, and 24/7 chatbox support. The monitoring process will be done efficiently from time to time and our doctors will act swiftly if there are any issues incurred.

  • Is the home visit service available for one person or the whole family?

    A complete medical assessment will be done for the whole family along with continuous care and 24/7 medical support. Each home visit lasts between 1-2 hour and subjected to a maximum of 4 family members living in the same household.

  • What is the process of a home visit?

    After subscribing to the desired package, our doctor will first make a video call to get the basic information about your family and plan accordingly before kick-starting the home visit assessment.

  • How the home visit assessment is done?

    Our doctor will conduct assessments for vital signs, temperature, blood pressure, oxygen level, heart rate, and sugar level if needed. Overall condition history will be taken along with physical examination. Covid-19 RTK test or PCR swab test will be done and the result will be explained in a video call. Medications will be given accordingly. Any other conditions will be supported with our 24/7 medical chatbox, doctors will standby for any emergency and enquiry.

  • What is the difference between a one-off home visit and a premium home visit?

    Premium home visit has 24/7 support with a doctor and the condition will be followed up till post covid recovery support.

  • What does a Tele-health mean?

    Tele-health is the use of communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, to access healthcare services remotely and manage your healthcare.

  • Who is eligible for Free Telehealth (video call) pre-consultation?

    Anyone that has been diagnosed with Covid-19 or suspected to be in close contact with a Covid-19 positive patient. The Free Initial Telehealth consultation is provided to allow our doctors to understand your conditions better before providing any treatments or medications.

  • What is a 24/7 medical chatbox with doctor support for?

    It is a premium package available for the whole family, to instantly chat with our doctors and attain immediate attention on any arising illness. Also to follow up on the health condition of each family member.

  • Can I buy a Home Visit PCR test only for myself?

    The short answer is no. However, we do provide PCR Test for factories and offices with a minimum group of 10. Kindly choose Package 4 from Our Packages section in our website to find out more about group tests.

  • How to make payment?

    Once you have confirmed on your preferred care package, our team will send payment advice to you via email.

  • What are the locations where NADI Doctor Home Visit is available?

    At the moment, our doctors are providing Doctor Home Visit services only within the Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur & Selangor) region. We will be expanding our services to regions outside of Klang Valley soon.

  • Is there any emergency hotline that I can call?

    At the moment we do not have any emergency hotline or direct service line that you may call. However, our support team is available via WhatsApp Live Chat as well as emails (from 9am - 11.59pm) daily to handle your inquiries.

  • How do I submit an inquiry?

    Kindly scroll to the bottom of our website and click on the “Inquiry Now” button. Fill up the form and hit the submit button, our team will get in touch with you via email as soon as possible.

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